About Us

EDS have many years of experience in the construction industry and are based conveniently in the centre of Derby. We are a team of skilled professionals who pride ourselves in delivering a friendly and trustworthy service.
One of the core strengths of our team is that we are a mix of engineering and architectural professionals: so if you choose a Building Regulation package, the entire design process is encapsulated.

EDS design everything, from the addition of a front porch, right through to new-build houses and commercial work and are always on hand with any advice you might need to guide you through your project.
To a first time property developer/extender the world of architects and builders can appear quite daunting but, with the right help, things dont have to be that complicated! For simple extension projects on houses there isn’t always the need for “Grand Designs” style architects. The normal requirements are drawings to gain planning permission (planning drawings) and drawings for your builders to build with (building regulations drawings). At EDS we recognise that many projects are similar and can be done through client lead design, so we have fixed prices for these projects as a complete design service. For bespoke and large scale projects, we can quote for an Architecturally lead design service.

EDS also have good working relationship with local builders so we can connect you with someone trustworthy to carry out the works.